Recovery Month 2018

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Half of a heart, twice the fight

When I lost my fiancé to an opioid overdose 12/3/17, half my heart died with him. With half of a heart, I now had twice the fight, I had to fight, not just for my recovery but I felt it was only right to become his voice, our voice and join the fight to reduce the devastation and stigma that come with addiction. I can choose to sit in silence while thousands more lose loved ones to addiction or I can choose to be a voice of recovery and give back to others still struggling, the gift that recovery has given to me, life. We are willing to do whatever it takes to get high, so why can’t we do whatever it takes to get sober? Addiction is a brain disease and once you’re addicted to the drug the thought of not having it is scary, it was for me. Especially when life turned dark, the drugs were the only way , for me, to make it through.  Read more