National HIV Testing Day 2018

Nearly 40,000 people are newly diagnosed with HIV each year in the United States. While the number of new HIV diagnoses has declined by 18% since 2008, 1 in 7 people living with HIV are still unaware of their status. On June 27th, AIDSVu recognizes National HIV Testing Day and encourages everyone to know their status and get tested for HIV.

Get Tested
Widespread HIV testing and access to comprehensive HIV prevention and care services are critical components of our national response to the HIV epidemic.

Cobb and Douglas CSB participate in the HIV Early Intervention Services (HIV/EIS). A  program of Georgia DBHDD/Division of Addictive Diseases for HIV prevention and addiction recovery. Services include HIV and Hepatitis C pre and post-test counseling, educational materials and classes, safer sex supplies and STI education.

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