Being Young and Sober Sucks – Recovery Month 2018


Being Young and Sober Sucks

My first real day sober was February 5th, 2008. What a s****y day. The long ass delusional story that got me to that point was something straight out of the movie “A Beautiful Mind” and not because I’m a genius or even that smart. Keep reading, I’ll probably prove it.

A second trip to the looney bin after I’d just been released fun but the problem definitely was not me. I was forced into this temporary sobriety by the state and because I’m a “danger to myself and others”. What did they know? Didn’t they knew who I was? I was the victim here and just misunderstood.

They knew exactly who and what I was. A little weasel who thought he could talk his way out of anything. Read more.

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