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Georgia’s Recovery Definition

(9-20-13 Version)

Recovery is a deeply personal, unique, and self determined journey through which an individual strives to reach his/her full potential. An individuals in recovery improves his or her health and wellness by taking responsibility in pursuing a fulfilling life while embracing the difficulties one has faced.

Recovery is not a gift from any system. Recovery is nurtured by relationships and environments that provide hope, empowerment, choices and opportunities.

Recovery belongs to the person. It is a right, and it is the responsibility of us all.

Georgia’s Recovery Guiding Principles & Values


• Emerges from hope

• Is person-driven

• Is Strengths-based

• Is Age-independent

• Recognizes the wisdom of “lived experiences”

• Occurs via many pathways

• Is holistic

• Is supported by peers, allies, advocates and families

• Is nurtured through relationships and social networks

• Is culturally based and influenced

• Is anchored in wellness–addressing a person’s emotional health, environmental well being, financial satisfaction, intellectual creativity, occupational pursuits, physical activities, social engagement and spiritual health

• Addresses trauma

• Supports self-responsibility

• Empowers communities

• Is based on respect


Cobb County Community Services Board 

Recovery Transformation

Cobb County Community Services Board (CCCSB) is proud to be part of the statewide effort to create a recovery-oriented system of care that incorporates concepts, practices and policies supporting the individuals we serve to live independent and fulfilling lives in the community. The recovery model embraces a shift form the crisis-driven medical model to the strength-based recovery model.

CCCSB is committed to this paradigm shift. The agency was recently part of a four organization recovery pilot project for recovery transformation led by national thought leader experts. Our initial work focused on bringing about conceptual alignment addressing what we believe and think about recovery. Exciting dialogues took place throughout the organization increasing awareness and acceptance of recovery as a principle for all individuals we serve whether they are part of mental health, substance use or intellectual/development disabilities.

As part of recovery transformation, we are internally addressing our service practices to ensure that they promote recovery for all served. Input for this practice alignment is driven not only by staff, but also through valuable input from the individuals we serve. CCCSB remains very transparent about practice alignment and supports policy and protocol changes needed to support this transformation. The agency is aggressively working to build an extensive peer workforce.


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