The Community Services Boards are the governing body of the agency. The Executive Director has oversight responsibilities for day to day operations.

The eight members of the Cobb Community Services Board consists of: Chief Executive Officer of the governing authority of Cobb County or appointee; a physician actively practicing in Cobb County (appointed by governing authority of County); Superintendent of City of Marietta School District (largest municipality in the County), Superintendent of the Cobb County School District; a client representing MH/DD/AD (this person is appointed by the governing authority of Cobb County); the Chief Executive Officer of governing authority of the largest municipality of county or appointee; a client or licensed nurse representing county’s needy, underprivileged, or elderly community (this person is appointed by governing authority of county); and, a client interested in promoting public health (this person is appointed by the governing authority of the largest municipality in the county).

The make-up of the Douglas Community Services Board is the same as in Cobb County, except there are seven members since there is not a separate city school system in Douglas County.

Board Meetings are open to the public.

Cobb Board Meeting Schedule 2017

Douglas Board Meeting Schedule 2017

Board Members


  • Carol Holtz, Chair
  • Wyman Pilcher, III, Co-Chair
  • Royden Daniels, M.D., DABR
  • Commissioner Mike Boyce
  • Mayor R. Steve Tumlin, Jr.
  • Chris Ragsdale
  • Judi Snelson


  • Charles Craton, MD, Chair
  • Romona Jackson Jones, Vice Chair
  • Dr. Gordon Pritz
  • Mayor Rochelle Robinson
  • Esau Birdsong
  • Faymarie Landers
  • Esau Birdsong


Executive Leadership

Interim Executive Director – Bryan G. Stephens, MA, MBA, LPC, CPCS
Executive Assistant to the Director – Deborah Hughes
Medical Director – Edward Ajayi, M.D.
Chief Financial Officer – Paul Ascari
Chief Quality Officer – Jamie Allison, LPC
Director of Human Resources -Brittney Campbell, MBA
Director of Operations – James B. Stinchcomb, MPA, HS-BCP, CNP, DDP

Senior Leadership

Clinical Director - Brenda M. Westerman, M.Ed., LPC
Director of Crisis Services – Gary Gregg, MS
Director of Residential and Specialty Services– Stacy Hull, LPC
Director of Intensive Outpatient Services – Jennifer Haines-Pruitt, MS, LPC
Director of Nursing and BHCC – Dodie Whitley, RN, DDP
Director of Billing – Barbara June
Director of Transportation – Kellie Bollman
Assistant Finance Director – Elaine Tozier
Assistant Director of Developmental Disabilities - Diana De Loe, MSCJ, DDP

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